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The bus station in Novigrad in situated in the outskirts of the town, close to the Istrian coastal road. From the bus station there is about 1 km walking distance to the town centre and about 400 meter to the ACI Marina in Novigrad. As there are no city buses in Novigrad, you will have to reach your final destination by foot or with taxi from the bus station. – (See map of bus station placement below)

Bus station Novigrad

Services at the bus station in Novigrad At the terminal of the bus station, there is obviously a bus ticket office and a waiting room where luggage storage is available. In the remaining part of the terminal building, there is a bank with an ATM machine, a bakery, a kiosk and a coffee bar. Taxis can usually be found on the parking lot, behind the terminal building. Accommodation by the bus station in Novigrad In Novigrad most people stay at the campsites or hotels which can be found north and south of the town. The main apartment area is also situated north of the town (app 1 km from the bus station), but it is of course also possible to find apartments and hostels in and around the old town area; you can check availability of various accommodation types here. Day trips with bus from Novigrad From Novigrad it is possible to do one day trips wby bus to Istrian cities like e.g., Pula, Porec, Rovinj, Umag and Trieste in Italy. Popular day trip destinations like Postojna cave in Slovenia, Venice and National park Plitvice Lakes can only be reached by car or by joining one of the excursions offered by local travel agencies. An overview of daytrips available from Novigrad can be found here. Most popular bus routes from Novigrad From Novigrad there are daily buses to all larger towns in Istria, and also several  buses to and from Rijeka and Zagreb. Click on the cities in the table below to find about the travel options from Novigrad.
National long distance Buses Regional Bus routes International Bus Routes
Novigrad - Zagreb Novigrad - Umag Novigrad - Trieste
Novigrad - Rijeka Novigrad - Porec
 Novigrad - Plitvice lakes Novigrad - Rovinj
Novigrad - Pula
Address of bus station in Novigrad Murve 15 52466 Novigrad Tel: +385 52 757 660 ‎