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Travelling by bus in Croatia

The bus service in Croatia is excellent; more or less any small village can be reach by bus. After the new motorway has been partly completed, the bus is meanwhile also a great alternative time wise; between the larger cities like e.g. Zagreb and Split you can find express buses which in majority of cases are quite comfortable and in good condition. One of the reasons why buses are so popular here in Croatia is that buses also are inexpensive.

The journey on the bus

As mentioned the busses are generally in good condition, but if you don’t catch a fast bus, they might also be long time vice, so it is a good idea to bring a book, and some music to listen to, also a pillow can be recommended. In most case it is not a problem to bringing a sandwich or some fruit for the trip, of course it is also advisable to bring enough water (Although most buses are air-conditioned, a packed bus can be very hot inside in the summer months). The longer routes normally have a planned stop at a restaurant on the way; check this out when you buy the ticket.

Tickets and bus companies

You can buy your bus ticket online here; for the summer season it is advisable to buy tickets in advance and this especially applies when travelling to and from larger cities. For most routes you can buy single and discounted return tickets. Majority of intercity bus routes are operated by private bus companies. The schedule states which bus company operates the route. The quality and service level may vary depending on the bus company but, generally speaking, most Croatian registered buses that are operative are in good condition.


For some longer trips it is possible to buy ticket with an allocated seat, ask when you buy the ticket. Once you get on the bus you might find you seat taken, so just look for a free seat and take that one. In case the bus is completely full, and you bought a ticked with allocated seat, you should address the driver or co-driver, normally they will arrange for a seat especially if you are travelling a long distance.

  • Bus prices

    When you browse our site you will find the ticket price (if available) stated next to the route information; prices vary depending on the carrier and the time of travel. When you click the "Buy now" button you will be transferred to our main bus website on which you can buy your ticket online. There you will also find prices for children and other special tickets. The list of approximate prices of the most popular routes you can see here.

  • Bus stations

    In all larger cities you will find a main bus stations from where the intercity buses departure, in some cities like e.g. Split, cities near by, can also be reaches from where the metro bus departure. If you get on the bus at a smaller station, you might find the bus is to full to accept you in that case, it is advisable to check a day before how many is on the same departure, if it looks to be packed, consider going to nearest major city and take bus from the there.

  • Luggage

    I you have luggage for the hold, you will have to pay 5-10 Kuna depending on bus company, so make sure to have some change ready, the conductor will attach a small strip with a number to your suitcase, you will get the counterpart of the strip, keep it just in case.

  • Have a question?

    If you should have any question, or experiences you wish to share, in relation to travelling with bus in Croatia, check out our FAQ’s it you don’t find the answer there, feel free to post a comment. – please note, for time reasons we do not answer questions sent by e-mail.