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Zagreb to Pula

Zagreb and Pula are from an infrastructural point of view very well connected. After the completion of the Istrian Y, the distance between the two centers is approximately 268 km, while the alternative routes have about the same distance, but slightly longer duration of travel. Zagreb is by bus lines quite well connected with Pula. Bus Zagreb - Pula runs on a regular, daily basis. There are even a few buses a day and it is precisely for this reason that the bus trip from Zagreb to Pula is a very good option. Travelling by bus along the route Zagreb - Pula takes about 4 - 5 hours, depending on the transporter. Timetables for travel on bus route Zagreb - Pula is listed below.
As we have previously mentioned, the cities of Zagreb and Pula are very well connected and every day there are dozens of bus lines that operate between the two cities. Bus ticket price for the route Zagreb - Pula is about 180 kn to travel in one direction and about 260 kn for a return ticket. Bus tickets can be booked in advance by clicking on the BUY NOW button next to the departure time in table above. Additional tips on travel between Zagreb and Pula: most buses that operate between these two centers are comfortable, new and air-conditioned buses. Buses that go along the coastal road have the advantage of going through some of the most popular tourist destinations such as Opatija, Icici, Opatija, Medveja, Mošćenička Draga, which makes this trip very interesting. Other means of transport By car: travelling by car on the route Zagreb - Pula is the most comfortable and fastest option. From Zagreb to Rijeka there is a highway and from Rijeka to Pula you can choose between two options. The first option is to take the Istrian Y from Rijeka while the other option is driving along the coast over Opatija and Labin. The first option over the Istrian Y is somewhat faster, but it includes a toll in the amount of 50 kn, while the second option goes along the coast and is a bit longer time wise (cc 30 min), toll-free and its main advantage is the possibility of visiting the tourist centers such as Opatija, Lovran, Medveja, Mošćenička Draga and others. If you choose the first option, the length of your trip on route E65 and E751will be 268 km, and the duration about 3 hours, while the length of the trip, as long as you choose the second option, is approximately 263 km which lasts about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Rent a car - you can rent a car in Zagreb, in the center or at the airport Pleso but in one direction, to Pula. You can view here our car rental offer from Zagreb. By plane: flying from Zagreb to Pula is, of course, the fastest and most comfortable transportation option. Croatia Airlines offers daily flights between Zagreb and Pula. During the summer season, it is recommended to book a ticket in advance because there is a high probability that the tickets will be sold. By train: there is no direct rail line from Zagreb to Pula. An alternative option is travelling by train from Zagreb to Moravice and then from Moravica to Pula. Arrival to the main bus station in Pula If Pula is your final destination then you may need some accommodation. In Pula and its surroundings there is a great selection of hotels, hostels and apartments, so an appropriate type of accommodation in Pula is not a problem to find. Bus station in Pula is at the address Trg I. Istrian brigade bb, which is in the city center, some 350 meters from the Arena so if you plan to stay in Pula, you will have no difficulty, since the great bus station location allows quick and easy communication and transfer of passengers. If you need transportation from the main bus station to the airport Pula, information and timetables of buses can be found here.