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Local buses Zadar

Forum ZadarZadar has a very well-organized local transport which includes 12 lines with 22 buses. The historic city center is well connected with other parts of the city. City buses operate every day between 5.00 and 24.00 hours and during summer season till 1.00. City buses for all city parts depart from the bus terminal and generally drive to the city center every 15 minutes, while to the other city parts every 20 minutes. You can see timetable for the city buses in Zadar here, and here you have map with the city bus network. Bus ticket prices for local buses in Zadar Single tickets for the bus can be purchased directly from the driver or at the departure point at the kiosk Liburnia. If you buy a return ticket individually or in blocks of 10, then you can also buy them at the kiosks of Tisak and Slobodna Dalmacija. If you buy a single ticket then the price is 10 kn and the return ticket (popularly called carnet ticket) is 16 kuna. Bear in mind that it is possible to buy tickets only with cash on the bus. Children under 5 accompanied by an adult (3 children max.) don't have to buy tickets. Time use of bus tickets is limited to 50 minutes and they are valid in one direction only. Additional tips for travelling in local buses Zadar: You should enter the bus at the front door, show your ticket to the driver and then validate / stamp it in the appropriate device which is usually behind the driver. You should also know that the controls are frequent and at the request of an official you must show the ticket. If you don't have a ticket or it's not valid you will be fined in the amount of 100 kn which you must pay immediately. Suburban transport Zadar Besides public city transport, Liburnija Zadar manages transport with suburban areas as well. The departure is also from the main bus station. Tickets can be purchased directly at the kiosk at the station. Working time of the kiosk is from 06-22 hours. Zadar is very well connected with suburban areas so there are regular lines towards the airport Zemunik, Bibinje, Biograd, Pakostane, Nin, Zaton, Petrcane, Posedarje, Vir, Sv.Filip i Jakov, Sukosan, Zaton… Ticket prices range from 10 to 25 kn. You can find timetable for suburban buses here Bus ticket prices for the airport Zamunik (Zadar) is 15 kn in one direction. Price of luggage for all suburban lines is 5 kn per piece. Children under 5 have free rides in the company of adults (up to three children). Bus on Islands close to Zadar. Liburnija also organize bus transport on the islands Dugi Otok, Uglanj, Iz, here you can see schedule of the island buses.