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Local buses Pula

Arena PulaPublic transport in Pula is managed by company Pulapromet. The center of the town is very well connected with other city parts by buses. Public transport is divided into 4 zones. The first zone includes the city of Pula, the second zone includes Medulin, Vodnjan, Loznjan, Premantura and Peroj. The third zone goes till Barbariga. In Pula public transport is organized with 8 bus lines. We can say that the 3 most important bus lines are:
  • line 1 from the bus terminal to Stoja
  • line 2 from the bus terminal to Verudela
  • line 3 from Sijanska suma to Verudela
You can see timetable for all city buses here, and here you can see map of the city bus routes. Ticket prices for public transport in Pula A bus ticket can be purchased directly from the driver and the price is 11 kn. The ticket is only one way and is valid for an hour. The bus company Pulapromet, ten years ago, introduced a system of contactless tickets. Basically, this is a card that looks like a credit card and you pay for it 75 kn the first time (First time purchase of the contactless ticket include 40 kn for fares). If you are planning to stay in Pula for a longer period of time and frequently use public transport, then this card is definitely worth buying because the fare in one direction is then only 7 kn. Ticket price for zone 2 is 15 kn if you buy tickets on the bus, and the price for the contactless card 11.00 kn. The ticket for the third zone costs 20 kn on the bus and 17 kn if you buy a contactless ticket. In zone 4 the prices are 25/23 kn. Children under 6 accompanied by an adult don't pay the ticket. You must enter the bus at the front door and show your ticket to the driver. If you get caught without a ticket you have to pay for the ticket plus a fine in the amount of 50 kn. You can see route map of the suburban buses here, and here you can see timetable of suburban buses. Where to buy contactless cards As we already mentioned, for a longer stay in Pula the best thing to do is to use contactless cards which cost 75 kn for the first time (35 kn for the card + 40 kn fare for driving).  Once consumed, the credit on the card can be recharged with amounts of 20, 40, 60 and 100 kn. You can recharge bus tickets at following places:
  • - Kiosk I NOVINE - Giardini bb, Pula
  • - Kiosk GLAS ISTRE - Giardini bb, Pula
  • - Kiosk GLAS ISTRE - Narodni trg 1, Pula
  • - Kiosk GLAS ISTRE - Koparska ulica, Pula
  • - Kiosk GLAS ISTRE - Ulica Vidikovac, Pula
  • - Fazana - Ulica v.Gortana bb
  • - Medulin - Mudina 18
  • - Vodnjan - Ulica trgovačka 143
  • - Poslovnica Pulapromet - Sitnjan centar