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Getting to Porec

Porec is situated on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula. The city is among the top 5 holiday destinations in Croatia. National bus lines to and from Porec: Porec can be reach all year from Rijeka, Zagreb and most Istrian towns, during summer there is a considerable increase in the number of connections. If you are travelling from southern parts of Croatia, you will in most cases have to first travel to Rijeka and then continue to Porec from there one. If you are travelling from Porec, you can see information about bus station and popular bus routes here Porec UNESCOBuses from Germany to Porec: During winter season the city can be reaches via Rijeka, during summer season there is direct international bus from the following German cities

Among other it is also possible to travel from the following cities, Essen, Duisburg, Köln, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Ulm and Augsburg. In addition to the scheduled buses, there are holiday buses to the Adriatic coast running in the peak season. Buses from Austria to Porec: From Austria it is fairly easy to reach Porec all year around via Zagreb or Rijeka, during summer season there are more buses. (Travel time via Rijeka or Zagreb) Buses from Switzerland to Porec: From Switzerland there is whole year bus connection via Zagreb and Rijeka, during summer season there are “Adriatic coast holiday buses”, as well a scheduled buses from the following towns. Buses from Italy to Porec: From Trieste there are bus trough out the year to Porec, during summer season, the city can be reach also from Venice and from several other Italian cities. Another popular international connection if the bus from Ljubljana to Porec