If you plan to travel in Croatia by bus, you of course would be interested in knowing the bus fare prices, if you search on our site you will prices for lots of routes but, still not all of them. So to make a bit easier for you we have made a list of prices for the most popular bus routes, which you find further down on this page. Knowing these prices you should roughly be able to estimate prices for routes we have not mentioned. What you should know before looking at the price list.

  1. Prices are indicated in a range, reason for this is that routes are often operated / offered by several private bus companies, each of them have a different price scheme which reflects the range. The variation in the ticket prices can also be related to the departure time and the week day.
  1. If you buy a ticket for a specific route e.g. Zagreb to Split from Company A, the ticket is only valid for the buses operated by Company A, one the major routes most companies have several daily departures
  1. Buying and reserving tickets, currently has done at the bus station, reservation by phone prior to the departure is possible for some route, for this the bus station, for this they have a premium rate number to call. If you need to get on the bus at a smaller bus stop where there is no bus station (autobusni Kolodvor) you can buy the ticket on the bus, make sure that you get a ticket (In most cases electronic) once you have paid.
  1. In addition to the ticket price, you might have to pay a small fee for reservation and a bus station fee on top, normally this is around 5-10 Kuna per ticket.
  1. If you bring luggage for the hold, you will have to pay about 7 Kuna per piece.
NOTE: the distance we have marked in the table, is the distance between the two cities following the fastest route, which is not necessary the route which the bus follows.
FromToDistancePrice rangeExcursion avalible
SplitDubrovnik227 Km100-140 knYes book here
SplitSibenik87 Km55-80 kn
SplitZadar158 Km80-145 kn
SplitMostar163 Km130-150 knYes book here
SplitMedjugorje139 Km130-150 knYes book here
SplitZagreb411 Km150-220 kn
SplitRijeka366 Km290-350 kn
SplitPula470 Km400 kn
SplitPlitvice276 Km130-160 knYes book here
SplitCity BusesInfo here
DubrovnikSplit227 Km100-140 knYes book here
DubrovnikBudva115 Km100 knYes book here
DubrovnikKotor93 Km80 knYes book here
DubrovnikZagreb599 Km155-250 kn
DubrovnikZadar346 Km190-270 kn
DubrovnikPula658 Km550-600 kn
DubrovnikRijeka554 Km400-520 kn
DubrovnikMakarska152 Km100-120 kn
DubrovnikMostar125 Km90-100 knYes book here
DubrovnikMedjugorje130 Km90-100 knYes book here
DubrovnikCity BusesInfo here
ZadarPlitvice152 Km85-105 knYes book here
ZadarSplit158 Km80-145 kn
ZadarDubrovnik346 Km190-270 kn
ZadarZagreb287 Km100-150 kn
ZadarRijeka242 Km150-200 kn
ZadarSibenik88 Km45-60 kn
ZadarCity BusesInfo here
RijekaPula108 Km100-110 kn
RijekaPorec89 Km70-90 kn
RijekaRovinj91 Km90-120 kn
RijekaZagreb166 Km85-155 kn
RijekaZadar242 Km180-220 kn
RijekaSplit366 Km290-350 kn
RijekaDubrovnik554 Km400-520 kn
RijekaCity BusesInfo here
ZagrebSplit411 Km150-220 kn
ZagrebDubrovnik599 Km155-250 kn
ZagrebZadar287 Km120-145 kn
ZagrebRijeka166 Km85-155 kn
ZagrebPula267 Km150-195 kn
ZagrebPorec248 Km145-215 kn
ZagrebRovinj250 Km150-195 kn
ZagrebSibenik339 Km135-165 kn
ZagrebPlitvice137 km90-105 kn
ZagrebBelgrade395 Km215-220 kn
ZagrebVenice376 Km320 kn
PulaVenice284 Km180-220 knYes book here
PulaTrieste122 Km80-120 knYes book here
PulaRovinj36 Km35-45 kn
PulaPorec60 Km50-70 kn
PulaUmag86 Km70-80 kn
PulaLjubljana204 Km160-180 kn
PulaMilan540 Km400-450 kn
PulaCity BusesInfo here
Airport SplitSplit24 KmInfo here
Airport DubrovnikDubrovnik21 KmInfo here
Airport ZadarZadar12 KmInfo here
Airport ZagrebZagreb17 KmInfo here
Airport KrkRijeka30 KmInfo here
Airport PulaPula8 KmInfo here